Medical Tourism Services in Iran

Medical Tourism Services in Iran

The development of the tourism industry and the attraction of tourists have greatly helped to promote the national identity and make money for the country and are effective in creating new job opportunities.

Medical tourism or health tourism can be considered one of the branches of attracting tourists, which is very important. Iran’s health tourism has grown well in recent years, and medical tourism services in Iran include a wide range of the best services.

Follow Iran tourism by introducing Iran medical tourism and examining its capacities.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism sometimes referred to as health tourism, has various definitions. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) specifically defines health tourism as:

Use of services that improve or enhance a person’s health and morale (using mineral water, weather, or medical interventions) outside the person’s residence (more than 24 hours).

The category of health tourism goes beyond medical tourism, so mineral waters, hot springs, and sludge therapy along with natural facilities also include the category of health tourism.

The global motto of health tourism is facilities and services at the level of first or developed-world countries and prices and costs at the level of developing and third-world countries.

History of Medical Tourism

In many ways, this form of tourism can be considered the oldest type of tourism; Because from ancient times, the Romans and the Greeks were interested in this type of tourism to maintain their health.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Medieval pilgrims who sought spiritual excellence and prominent social classes in Europe turned to hydrotherapy and beach tourism for medical purposes.

In recent years, the interest in this type of tourism has greatly increased and the number of health centers, comprehensive treatment centers, hydrotherapy centers, and alternative treatment centers has been growing at an unprecedented rate.

In the 21st century, depression has become one of the most common illnesses and the suicide rate is increasing, especially among young men;

However, it seems that the provision of services such as psychotherapy, complementary therapy, and the development of tourism and health recreation will help these issues.

Types of Medical Tourism Services in Iran

In the following, the Iran Travel Guide Center will introduce the types of medical tourism services in Iran.

Iran Medical Tourism

The most common and important type of health tourism in Iran is medical tourism. This type of Iran health tourism is usually done to treat illness or surgery and deals directly with people’s lives and health; so, it is susceptible.

Medical tourism is completely different from recreational tourism, and in addition to facilities and costs, it also requires expertise and skills.

Medicine in Iran dates back thousands of years ago, and this is known worldwide. Due to the achievement of international standards in medical research and health services, Iran has offered a wide range of high-quality treatments to patients.

Every year a large number of people from all over the world come to Iran for medical treatment. Some of the types of services available in Iran are as follows:

  • infertility treatment
  • recombinant drugs
  • stem cells
  • advanced ophthalmology
  • medicine of various types of cancer
  • cardiovascular
  • gynecological diseases
  • and most of the standard treatment

Nature Therapy Tourism in Iran

Another type of medical tourism service in Iran is nature therapy tourism. This type of health tourism, as its name implies, is a trip in which natural resources and medical services treat a person under the supervision of a physician.

Some of the most important resources and medical services related to nature therapy tourism in Iran include hot springs, Salt Lake, herbal baths, medical massage, medical sludge, and sun.

Iran, with more than a thousand known mineral water and hot springs, suitable facilities such as the shores of Lake Urmia or the slopes of Taftan Mountain for sludge treatment, and several salt domes, can attract a high share in this type of tourism.

The presence of hot springs in different Iranian cities is effective for the treatment of many diseases such as rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, migraine, and sinusitis.

Also, the clean climate and beautiful environment to improve respiratory, rheumatology, skin, and muscle diseases, or for spending postoperative periods are very useful.

Iran Health Tourism

This type of Iran medical tourism is mostly for people who need peace of mind or have mental health problems. In this kind of therapeutic tourism in Iran, the tourist seeks relaxation and relief from everyday life stresses and tends to stay away from any noise and crowds.

This type of health tourism does not require a doctor or medical equipment, and the tourist tries to spend time polishing her soul in pristine and relaxing nature.

Mountain, forest, beach, or desert villas are the best places for healthy tourists to spend their leisure time and are a special and suitable choice for them. Iran is very rich in this field and has many attractive and relaxing areas in different parts of the country.

The tourist can choose the best place to reach comfort by traveling to Iran, according to her taste and interest in wet or dry areas.

Cosmetic and Beauty Surgery in Iran

Iran is known as one of the leading countries in the Middle East in cosmetic surgery. Due to the low cost and high quality of cosmetic surgery services in Iran, Iran can be a severe competitor to developed countries in this field of medical tourism.

Currently, health tourists from many countries come to Iran for plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty in Iran is world-famous for its high domestic demand for a nose job in Iran.

Characteristics of Iran Medical Tourism

Medical tourism services in Iran have many features, so many tourists make Iran a priority for medical tourism. In this part of the article, we will refer to the characteristics of Iran’s health tourism.

Low Cost of Treatments in Iran

One of the most important and best benefits of medical tourism in Iran is related to the low cost of treatment and services compared to other countries, which is amazing.

Most countries, especially European countries, and the United States charge high costs for health care. Therefore, not all people can afford it.

Of course, India has the lowest price among countries in terms of providing medical services, but compared to Iran, it has a lower quality of medical services, and in terms of culture and tourist attractions, Iran has appeared much more powerful than India.

Skilled and Experienced Iranian Doctors

Iran is in a high position in medical science and experienced professional physicians, and this issue is well-known and undeniable. As you know, the skills and experience of physicians in the field of medical tourism are very important, so this issue cannot be ignored.

Hydrotherapy in Iranian Cities

Mineral springs are used to treat many ailments, including rheumatism, joint pain, and migraines. Iran has many mineral springs and, in this regard, has tremendous potential in medical tourism. Conclusion

Iran is one of the important hubs in the field of medical tourism and many people from neighboring countries and the Persian Gulf enter this country to treat their disease.

Iran is also famous in the field of plastic surgery among other countries and rhinoplasty in Iran is common. The most important cosmetic surgeries in Iran are rhinoplasty in Iran or nose jobs, hair transplantation, eyelid, and face surgery.

Given Iran’s high potential in medical tourism and a variety of medical tourism services in Iran, it is expected that more tourists will choose Iran as a health tourism destination.

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