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In some countries, certain foods are considered to be an attraction unique to the nation. It is a novelty for tourists to try these foods because they are so new and interesting. Thus, these tastes, as well as the other landmarks of that area, make their journey more memorable and more marvelous. The Iranians have these special foods as well. If you ask foreign tourists about the characteristics of Iran, most of them are very satisfied with Iranian food. In this Iran tourism guide, we will introduce you to delicious Persian food.

Let’s take a look at some of the Persian foods in this article of Iran travel guide center: Below you will find 6 special offers to try the most delicious Persian food.

Tehran, the birthplace of original Chelow kebabs

One of the most famous Iranian food consists of grilled chicken or lamb placed on a hill of rice and grilled over a fire.

You may be surprised at how diverse kebabs are. Kebab koubideh is the first type. Salt and pepper to taste, minced meat with onion. The taste is awesome, despite the simple appearance.

Another kind of Persian food is kabab barg, which is made of lamb or calves and flavors with saffron, butter, and lemon juice for a delicious taste.

There is also a grilled chicken kebab, called Joojeh Kabab. Additionally, you can eat liver if you’re lucky. Lamb’s liver has been grilled and served with fresh basil and lemon.

These types of Kebabs are served with either rice or bread in Iran. Grilled tomatoes, yogurt, fresh vegetables, and pickles are also served with this delicious Persian food. You can find chelow kebab in most Iranian restaurants, and you can taste the best Persian food with sumac.

Ash Reshteh in Isfahan

The Iranian term for someone who prepares food is Ashpaz (chef); it means the one who makes Ash (a soup-like dish) and as such, Ash is one of the most authentic Iranian foods.

Ash Reshteh is a delicious soup with beans, fresh vegetables, and noodles that are served with curd, which is a type of fermented whey with a taste between Parmesan and goat cheese. Ash should be tried under the newly blossoming trees and fountains of historic streets in Isfahan city.

Dizi in Mashhad

Lamb, peas, and stewed potatoes are cooked slowly in earthenware bowls for hours to soften and become ready to eat. Iranians then beat the baked ingredients together and make a dough and eat it with bread. people in Iran also crush a piece of bread and pour it into an earthenware bowl to absorb the water from cooking the meat, and then eat the soaked bread.

This Persian food is originally from Mashhad and today it is cooked for dinner and lunch in all restaurants of this city and also other Iranian cities.

Faloudeh with Mohammadi flower perfume in Kashan

It was Iran that produced rose water for the first time over 2500 years ago by using the petals of Mohammadi flowers. Kashan holds a rose-picking festival every year in the spring, where you can see how flower juice is obtained from the steam in large pots. During this festival, the city is full of colors and scenes and pleasant smells, and one of the most desirable Persian foods that can be enjoyed on a sunny afternoon will be eating a bowl of Faloudeh. Faludeh is a sweet dessert made with rose water, rice vermicelli, and lemon juice.

Almond baklava and Yazdi cakes in City of Wind Catcher

The historical and brick city of Yazd is located between the two great deserts of Iran. The city is famous for its Wind Catchers, Zoroastrian fire temples, and sweets. Almond baklava and Yazdi cakes made with cardamom, pistachio, and Qottab, which is a kind of fried local sweet and filled with peanuts, are among the most famous Iranian sweets and deserts.

Spicy seafood in Bandar Abbas

Southern Iran has hot and spicy Persian food due to its hot and humid climate and due to its geographical location, which has been one of the main communication routes between India and Europe for the exchange of marine spices. The restaurants next to the central fish market are the best place to eat delicious but spicy Iranian food.

Persian food: conclusion

Iranian food comes in a variety of types. In addition to the famous and popular dishes that are prepared all over Iran, every region and city has its own local and special dishes. In fact, many of the traditional Persian food is better known outside of Iran, and this makes many tourists eager to visit Iran and try these unique Iranian foods.

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