Tips for Traveling to Rural Areas in Iran

Tips for Traveling to Rural Areas in Iran

Tips for Traveling to Rural Areas in Iran

In Iran, the rural areas are one of the most attractive places for tourists to travel to and visit. In this article from Iran Travel Guide Center, you will find some travel tips for traveling to rural areas in Iran to avoid any problems during your trip and, of course, to avoid harming the locals.

Carrying enough cash to travel to rural Iran

Today, technology has penetrated all parts of Iran, but it is much less likely to find an ATM in rural Iran areas. If you plan on visiting rural areas in Iran, be sure to plan and have a little bit more cash in your wallet than you planned.

Rural Iran areas have many crafts and interesting products, and you may be tempted to buy them.

In the case of insufficient funds, you may be unable to buy them. Iran Tourism Center recommends you avoid regrets and always have enough cash.

Don’t worry about money for the moment if you have little. Ask for help from the kind people in the village, but be sure it will not be unanswered. In these situations, you can help people in their daily activities.

Making a trip plan before traveling

Planning your trip to rural areas in Iran is important, especially if traveling alone and without a tour guide. Know where you want to go, what you want to bring, and what you want to do.

You must specify your destination. When you go to rural Iran areas, you should plan your travel to get there in the early morning hours. Ask locals to find the scheduled times for public transportation that enters or leaves the village.

Reserving your residence before

We recommend booking your accommodation or lodging before traveling to rural Iran areas if you intend to spend the night there.

You may be able to book a place during daylight if you have not already done so. The first step is to find a place to stay the night. In this case, you can leave the area before nightfall if you don’t see a place to stay.

Waking up early in Iran’s rural areas

Getting up with the sunrise is one of the most important recommendations when traveling in rural Iran. A beautiful morning in the countryside is something you never want to miss. Wake up like a rural person. Even Participate in their daily activities by asking them to wake you up.

tourists in rural Iran areas

Travel in rural Iran: important points

When traveling to rural Iran areas, keep these points in mind:

Don’t look at the villagers with disdain!

Don’t ignore that humanity comes before riches, doctors, and engineers. Everybody should behave kindly and humbly towards others. So, never look at the villagers with disdain.

Ensure you follow that village’s morals and male and female dress codes! Likewise, if you visit a rural Iran with traditional and religious values, pay attention to what you wear.

Never take a photo without permission!

Take photos of people in the village if they like if you are traveling to rural areas in Iran. This is also one of the most important tips for traveling to rural Iran.

Consider buying something from the villagers.

Selling products is the livelihood method of villagers. Shopping for handicrafts and local food products is an important tip when traveling to rural Iranian areas. Although you can find many of these products at a higher price in the city, buying them at a lower price from a farmer or major producer is more enjoyable.

Additionally, you should enjoy the local cuisine there!

Do not litter on the street!

As a result, since the villages have fewer facilities than the cities, people are more self-reliant and never rely on others to do their work, so you should never litter on the streets when traveling to rural Iranian areas. Ensure it goes into the special tanks to prevent it from polluting the village.

Iran villagers selling their products

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Final thoughts

There are many sights and tourist attractions in Iran, but when it comes to tourist areas, everyone thinks of the current interests in Iran’s metropolises. Traveling to Iranian villages always brings many attractions for everyone, not just because they have beautiful scenery. Iranian towns have warm-hearted and simple-hearted people, so it’s always a pleasure to visit them. For this reason, if you have an opportunity on your Iran trip, do not miss a chance to see rural areas in Iran.

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