Caspian Quest Trip Plan

Caspian Quest Trip Plan

Caspian Sea region, or as the locals refer to it, "Shomal" is one of the most popular vacation destinations in for domestic tourist and also the foreigners who travel to Iran. This all the Persian cities in this region are covered with dense and green forests, and it is flanked by the Caspian Sea shores at one end, and the Alborz Mountain range at the other end. The weather of the Persian cities here is mostly wet with regular rain falls all throughout the year. But the best seasons to use this travel plan and visit these Persian cities when you travel to Iran, are spring, autumn, and sometimes in the winter for the seaside cities.

This travel plan helps you to visit 4 of the best Persian cities by the Caspian Sea that you don't want to miss when you travel to Iran, within 4 days

Caspian Quest Trip Plan

Day 1 - Tehran
  • We start our travel plan from Tehran city. Our first stop is Lahijan city, the capital of tea production in Iran! In order to get here, you can take a bus ride either from Azadi Square Bus Terminal or Arjantin Square Bus Terminal (Beyhaqi Terminal). There are rides available at these two terminals from 6 A.M. until 11 P.M. the ride takes almost 5 hours, and costs around 1.550.000 RLS (economy class bus).

    Once you get to Lahijan city when you travel to Iran, you can visit:

    • Museum of Tea
    • Akbarieh Mosque
    • Lahijan Cable Car (Telecabin)
    • Soustan Lagoon

    You spend the night in Lahijan, and get ready to go to Anzali city first thing at tomorrow morning.

Day 2 - Anzali

The Second day of this travel plan takes you to one of the largest harbors of the Caspian Sea. The ride to Anzali city takes roughly 90 minutes. This is the main Iranian trading harbor by the Caspian Sea.

Once you get to Anzali city, you can visit:

  • Anzali lagoon and its water lilies
  • Museum of Anzali
  • Caspian Sea sandy beaches

Also, in Anzali you can enjoy the water activities and sports such as Jet skiing and scuba diving.

You can spend the night in Anzali city, or get a late night shared cab to Rasht city, the largest of Persian cities in this region.

Day 3 - Rasht

The ride from Caspian Sea shores to Rasht city takes almost an hour. Rasht is the food capital of Iran. There are more than 100 dishes available in the city. So most certainly one of the activities you have do here, is touring the restaurants in the city.

Once you get to Rasht city, you can visit:

  • Shahrdari Square, the city center and one of the most beautiful sections of the city
  • The Museum of Anthropology
  • The house museum of Mirza Kuchak Khan, who is one of the greatest contemporary national heroes
  • The Rural Museum of Gilan Province, one of the largest museum in the country, which is located 15 km out of city at one end of Saravan eco-Park.
Day 4 - Tehran
  • Our last stop will be at the one and only vertical village in the world, Masuleh Village. This magnificent village is located around 2 hours away from Rasht city, and the road to it is one of the most beautiful jungle roads in the country. You can take the shared cabs or the minibuses from Rasht city to Masouleh.

    Once you get to Masouleh, you can visit:

    • The old Bazaar
    • walk around the city and enjoy the odd architecture and design of the city
    • take a walk in the surrounding hiking trails
    • enjoy a meal at the local cafes

    If you decided to prolong your trip, you can add a day or two to it and go hiking around Masuleh city and visit some of the Waterfalls and mountain peaks, and enjoy a night of staying at one of the local hotels.

    If not, you have to get back to Rasht city before the dark and from there, get a bus from Rasht Terminal back to Tehran city, thus concluding your Caspian Sea quest.

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