What could be more beautiful than walking along a road surrounded by pink waters and a beautiful hillside on the other?

Maharlu Lake is a seasonally salty lake about an hour from Shiraz. Maharlu Lake, also referred to as the Pink Lake, is a scenic place where young people, poets, and photographers can enjoy the scenery.

Pink Lake of Shiraz has a dominant pink hue due to the amount of red tide that accumulates in it; however, the strength of the colour can vary throughout the year.

There is no doubt that lakes are a popular travel destination. Maharlu Pink Lake is one of Shiraz’s most popular attractions. On a lovely pink lake, nature has sprinkled its magic. Following are details about Maharlu Lake, its sights, and its location. Next, we will discuss where to stay, what season is best to visit the Lake, and, in the end, the sights around the LakeJoin the  Iran Travel Guide Center to learn more about this natural Iran tourism attraction.

Stunning Sights of Maharlu Lake, Shiraz

Maharlu Lake on Google map
Maharlu Lake on Google map

Near Safa Maharlu village of Shiraz is a lake with the same name. Salt Lake is an important food and industrial salt source for Fars province. Maharlu Pink Lake is a great place to escape the city and the hustle and bustle. Take to the road! Walking on the salty shores of Salt Lake is an enjoyable experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Pink Lake of Shiraz offers spectacular views. During the summer, flamingos migrate to the Lake. When flamingos fly, they move quickly on the water, leaving stable circles with their footprints before spreading their wings and taking off. Watching the flamingos on the Salt Lake stage is a pleasure. The scenery is excellent for photography. Do not forget to bring a camera when visiting Maharlu; the beautiful view of the pink Lake of Shiraz will tempt you to take pictures. Pictures taken during this trip will undoubtedly stay with you forever.

Salt Lake is also a popular destination for boating. You can rent pedal boats to explore this pink Lake. It will be a unique experience for you to explore Pink Lake by pedal boat. There are no fish in this Lake because of the excessive salinity, but reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles live here.

Location of Pink Lake of Shiraz

Shiraz and Maharlu are about an hour’s drive apart. The Maharlu Lake lies to Shiraz’s southeast and Bakhtegan Lake’s west. Several springs feed Maharlu from two rivers: Sultanabad and Khoshk.

To get to Maharlu, you must first go to Shiraz, cross the Ghadir Bridge, and drive along the Persian Gulf Highway. After passing the Fasa road police, you will be on the Shiraz-Fasa highway. You are on the Lake from here. A beautiful brace is placed in front of your eyes within a short distance.

The Best Season to Visit the Maharlu Lake, Shiraz

Lake Maharlu Pink is a seasonal lake. In summer, lake water recedes due to high evaporation and increases in autumn and winter due to increased precipitation. Indeed, rain revives this Lake. In the first half of the year, the Pink Lake of Shiraz will be blue, but the lake will change colour from the end of May as the weather warms.

Summer is the best time to go to the salt lake to see the flamingos and the Lake’s pink colour. Generally, mid-May and mid-autumn is the best time to visit Maharlu Pink Lake. In early March, you will see beautiful blossoms on almond trees around Maharlu.

Maharlu Lake from an airplane
Maharlu Lake from an aeroplane

The Sights Around Maharlu Lake, Shiraz

Maharlu Pink Lake is located close to Maharlu village, as mentioned. This village is just 15 minutes away from the Lake. As you travelled to the Lake, you couldn’t miss the sights of this village due to its proximity. On the slopes of the Zagros, in Maharlu, you’ll find a town with imaginative scenery.

Maharlu village is home to sulfur springs, beautiful almonds, pomegranate, and fig orchards. You can also visit Khadijeh Banu’s shrine on the green hills. There is also the Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, a historical cemetery, and the tomb of Bibi Sharif in this village.

If you are interested in touring the village, you should also explore the towns around the pink Lake of Shiraz, including Mahmoud Abad, Barmshour, Ghanbari, Anjireh, and Aaladollah.

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