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Northwest Trip Plan

The northwest of Iran is a tapestry of natural beauty and cultural diversity, framed by the rugged landscapes of the Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges.

This region is home to verdant valleys, glistening lakes such as Urmia, and rolling hills that turn into lush forests or snow-capped peaks depending on the season. It is also the heartland of Iran's ethnic tapestry, notably the Azerbaijani people, whose rich traditions, vibrant music, and delicious culinary heritage are integral to the area's allure.

Ancient historical sites, from the remnants of Armenian monasteries to the grand bazaar of Tabriz, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offer a glimpse into the ancient trade routes and civilizations that shaped this part of the world.

The northwest's moderate climate and fertile lands produce some of Iran's finest agricultural products, adding yet another layer of experience for those who traverse its captivating terrain.

Northwest Trip Plan

Day 1 - Tehran
  • North West Iran tour start from Tehran city and it is better to use public transportation like metro and BRT (Bus Rapid Transition) lines to access different reigns of city.

    Most of historical places are in downtown near Imam Khomeini (امام خمینی - Emam- kho-may-ni) and Panzdah-e khordad (پانزده خرداد_ Paan-z-dah-e- khor-dad) metro stations.

    Central of Tehran places to visit as first destination in your North West Iran tour are:

    • Golestan Palace (next to the Panzdah-e –khordad metro station)
    • Grand Bazaar (next to the Panzdah-e –khordad metro station)
    • National Iranian Museum (near to the Imam Khomeini metro station)
    • National Jewelry Museum (near to the Sa’adi metro station)
    • Hasan Abad Square (next to the Hasan Abad metro station)
    • Masoudiye House (عمارت مسعودیه) (near to the Mellat metro station)
    • Abgineh Museum (موزه آبگینه - Ab-Gine)
    • Azadi Tower (next to the Azadi Square metro station)

    Hotel and Hostels

    There are a lot of hostels or hotels in North West Iran tour especially in Tehran city and you can find reasonable price which meet your budget easily.

    Hostel price start from 450,000 RLS up 800,000 RLS and hotels start from 1,000,000 RLS up to 10,000,000 RLS.

    Iran tourism strongly suggest that during your North West Iran tour, using Couch-surfing in Tehran city because Tehran and other metropolises in Iran have more opportunities to host you.

Day 2 - Tabriz & Kandovan

North Iran tourism in your North West Iran tour plan includes Tabriz city as one of the main destinations and it’s a capital of east Azerbaijan Province.

If you want to go Tabriz as main North Iran tourism city from Tehran, you will have following options:

Get a bus from the Azadi bus terminal as west terminal of Tehran which is located in Azadi Square and close to the Azadi Square metro station (line 4-yellow color). Also bus ticket price is about 550,000 RLS and it takes about 8 hours.

If you prefer to go Tabriz with flight, you can go through Mehrabad Airport (مهر آباد - Mehr-abad) to Tabriz airport, ticket price is about 3,000,000 RLS to 5,000,000 RLS for each person and it depends on airlines and your flight date. It takes about 1 hour.

Last and best choice could be traveling by train from Tehran train terminal positioned in Rah Ahan (راه آهن) Square to Tabriz Train Terminal and it costs about 500,000 RLS per person.

It is good option because it has a bed and more facilities rather than bus such as physician (doctor), restaurant, toilet and etc.

Iran tourism and also North Iran tourism plan recommended to visit well-known places as follows in Tabriz:

  • Kabood (Goey) Mosque (highly recommended)
  • Elgoli Park
  • Bazzar of Tabriz
  • Qajar Museum (Amir Nezam House)
  • Saat Square
  • Tarbiat Street
  • Municipality Building
  • Tabriz citadel

In North West Iran tour plan, especially in Tabriz, you will find delicious sweeties like Baklava, Qorabiye, Noql-e pir-e zan and etc.

Tabriz city has same situation with Tehran as North Iran tourism about finding place to stay in hotels or finding couch-surfing; so it will easily to find your accommodation in this city.

From Tabriz railway station to Kandovan is about 48 km distance and it will take about 50 minutes. Also, if your departure location is Nour metro station then you will arrive in same time by taxi.

Kandovan (کندوان- can-do-vaan) 

North West Iran tour includes Kandovan village which is well-known for their houses which are created into Rocky Mountains more than 700 years ago and according to some evidence shows that village belongs to 6000 years ago.

One of the highlights in North Iran tourism is Kandovan houses which formed by wind and rain effects on stones during time. Although, rooms and interior of houses made by human hands.

Already inhabitants are living there and it is one the main destinations for Iranian and foreign tourists.

One of the most prominent hotels in Kandovan is Laleh hotel or called as Rocky Hotel because of its design same as village houses and its price start from 4,900,000 RLS for one room which is suitable for two persons.

Of course you can rent a room or house on Kandovan village from local people or maybe you will find a host on couchsurfing in near big cities even Kandovan.

There is about 270 km in 4 hours by car Through Tabriz city from Kandovan to Ghare kelisa as another touristic place in your North West Iran tour plan.

Day 3 - Qara Kelisa

Next North Iran tourism destination is Ghareh Keliseh (قره‌ کلیسا‎ - Gha-re- Ke-lisa) which is called The Saint Thaddeus Monastery by Armenian people and the name as Ghare Kelisa has an equal meaning with "The Black Church" in Turkish.

This monument is located in West Azerbaijan Province, about 20 kilometers from the town of Maku (ماکو) and it is considered as attractive place in our North West Iran tour.

Iran tourism estimated that 43 A.D two Christians travelled into north-western of Iran to spread out Christian religion, Ashkanian was ruler on Iran when most of people were Zoroastrian.

Armenian Christian believe that this church was the first church were built by Christians.

Totally, by each invasion to Iran this church was damaged by enemies.

Zakaria was a priest who repaired the church building on 1319 after severe earthquake.

It is located in Chaldoran area which has tomb of Seyyed Sadr-o-din (سید صدر الدین) (the prime minister of shah Esmaeil – Safavi kings – شاه اسماعیل صفوی) and it is a touristic area.

Day 4 - Tehran
  • You can back from Tabriz to Tehran as your final destination in your North West Iran tour with flight or bus and even train.

    North of Tehran has some historical places, the first place could be Sa’dabad (سعد آباد) Palace which is near to Tajrish Metro Station, you can reach this palace by walking about 20 minutes.

    Tel: +98 (0)21 22752031-9

    Working hours: 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM.

    Sa’dabad Palace sections and entrance fee:

    Garden Museum 150,000 RLS, Mellat Palace Museum 150,000 RLS, green Palace Museum 150,000 RLS, Military  Museum 80,000 RLS, Master Mir-Emad Calligraphy Museum 80,000 RLS, Fine Arts Museum 80,000 RLS, Royal Albums and Historical Documents Museum 80,000, Royal Clothing Museum 80,000 RLS, Royal Kitchen Museum 80,000 RLS, Royal Car Museum 80,000 RLS, Nation's Art Museum 80,000 RLS, Master Behzad  Museum  80,000 RLS, Omidvar Brothers  Museum 80,000 RLS ,water museum 80,000 RLS, Master FarshChian Miniature Museum 80,000 RLS, Royal Dishes Museum 80,000 RLS, Royal Weapons Museum 80,000 RLS.

    The nest palace in the north of Tehran is Niyavaran (نیاوران) Palace and it’s near to Tajrish metro station too and its entrance fee is 150,000 RLS. It is located near Niavaran square and there is only 10 min by taxi out of peak time from Tajrish Square.

    Working hours: 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM.

    Tel: 0098-21-22282012 - 15.

    Darband (دربند) area is near to Tajrish Metro station and Darband Hiking Track. It is hiking area of north of Tehran and there are many cozy places to take a rest far from crowded city.

    Ferdows Garden (باغ فردوس) is positioned on the Valiasr Street near to Tajrish (تجریش) Square. it includes a cinema museum and coffee shops which you can relax there and taste a coffee.

    Milad (میلاد) Tower is not located in the north of Tehran; but you will see this great modern landmark in the west of Tehran and Iran Travel Guide Center recommend you to use Snapp application to go there.

    It is located west of Tehran. Entrance fee is: 350,000 RLS. You can go online and buy it too.

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