Cheap fruits and vegetables in Iran

Cheap fruits and vegetables in Iran

Iran, as one of the biggest producers of different kinds of fruits and vegetables, has been famous for its enriched agriculture, particularly in the Middle East. This great variety plus the reasonable prices are one of the key reasons for Iran’s tourism.

Fruits and vegetables in Iran show the potential the country has in export business in the world, which is why many business people from all around the world along with some scientists visit Iran to get why this is so and to be familiar with different approaches in producing fruits and vegetables. Taking a glance at the Iran Travel Guide Center, you see the number is increasing as a matter of moment.

The main exported fruits are peach, apple, apricot, pear, cherry, sour cherry, nectarine, greengage, strawberry, mulberry, grape, kiwi, raspberry, pomegranate, barberry, and jujube. Zucchini, eggplants, chilies, cabbages, corn, celery, broad beans, green beans, tomatoes, and different types of mushrooms are the main vegetables that other countries are looking for. There are about 43 countries in the world that are willing to import Iran’s fresh fruits and vegetables for a variety of sensible reasons.

High-quality fruits and vegetables

In exporting fruits and vegetables, the first important factor is the quality; the higher the quality, the more likely it is to win in the competitive market. It determines business success all over the world, and Iran is not an exception. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, it is evident that in Iran, not only fresh fruits but also vegetables are unique in the world due to their natural taste. Visiting the Tajrish Bazaar of Tehran, you feel the freshness.

The type of soil, the system of irrigation, the kind and number of fertilizers used, in addition to many other reasons, have a great impact on the quality of the produce.

Also, since Iran is a four-season country, it is possible to cultivate and grow every kind of fruit and vegetable every time of the year without using artificial systems. Also, it causes both fruits and vegetables to be always available and have different natural tastes due to the region’s weather. Shiraz is one of the regions in which the Old Bazaar welcomes you with memorable tasty fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price

Price is one of the key factors in exporting products of any kind, particularly fruits and vegetables. Each business has its pricing strategy to achieve some objectives, increase profitability, penetrate the market, increase market share, and face competition. There should be a balance between the price and the quality of the product, which is so vivid in exporting fruits and vegetables. In Iran, like the other countries, there are some factors affecting the price; type, amount, quality, shipping, and storage.

Also, the way it is produced affects the price. But, the fact behind why Iran has been changed to one of the main suppliers of fruits and vegetables is low cost, which is the result of low production costs and low wages for the labor forces. Since the importer can choose the most affordable shipping and storage, the price becomes more affordable.

Fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price in Iran

Fruits and vegetables at a reasonable price in Iran

Flexible packaging for fruits

A core feature in international markets is packaging, especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables in Iran.

Since Iran’s fresh fruits grow naturally with no or a small number of preservatives, if they are not packed appropriately, they decay apace. Also, it affects the customer’s decision whether to buy such exported produce or not. Some factors affect packaging fruits and vegetables, like environmental issues, appearance characteristics, shipping conditions, rules and regulations, characteristics of the export destination, product information, and product type.

If they hadn’t been considered, fruits and vegetables in Iran wouldn’t have entered the competitive market of the world. Iran’s fresh fruits keep their freshness during the period it takes to be used by customers in other countries. Packaging can be changed according to the condition of the destination country and the kind of fruits and vegetables.

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