Lazour lake is one of the magnificent tourist attractions in Iran that draws many people annually. This lake, which is named Siahroud lake, too, and Lazour village can prove the fact why traveling is needed for every human being!

They bring peace to the mind, which is a wish for many urban inhabitants. The benefits they offer are very many; however, before getting sufficient familiarity with Lazour or Siahroud lake and Lazour village, let’s know the benefits of traveling on a general basis.

Why Traveling?

The fast pace of life has caused a lot of mental and physical problems for many of us. If our feeling is not vented, we will face a great deal of irreparable harm.

The best way is traveling that can disconnect us from the rat race and brings us peace. Imagine you walk along Lazour and Siahroud lake; your creativity can awake and be enhanced. Hearing the music of nature can soothe you.

Visiting Lazour village can be evidence that traveling improves communication skills. Since you connect with the local people, your interpersonal communication gets promoted. Your perspective is broadened by discovering new cultures and visiting new places.

So, more confidence, unforgettable memories, more self-awareness, and the most important physical and mental health can be achieved via traveling, especially, to Lazour or Siahroud lake.

Lazour village can particularly present you with the reasons for visiting Iran at least once in your life. Visiting Iran Travel Guide Center, you can be informed about all the facts regarding traveling and Iran tourism.

Why Visiting Iran?

Iran, as one of the most vibrant areas in the world, particularly in the Middle East, offers many to tourists. The hospitable and friendly people are world-famous. Tourists are warmly welcomed by delicious local foods, especially, in Lazour village.

It is home to an ancient civilization, and a great variety of dialects and accents can be heard there. There are many tourist attractions like Siahroud or Lazour lake. Also, you shouldn’t miss Persepolis in Shiraz city, Valley of the Stars in Qeshm Island, Chogha Zanbil in Khuzestan, Anzali Lagoon in Gilan, and Chalus Road.

The marvelous architecture like tiled domes and ancient bathhouses proves the fact that there is a great mechanism behind each.

In addition, the lake like Lazour or Siahroud plus splendid villages such as Lazour village is considered as push factors for tourists and immigrants. Parks and romantic gardens are full of fresh air, and unforgettable natural beauty like vast deserts, caves, and waterfalls cannot be beaten. Among them, all, Lazour or Siahroud lake, in addition to Lazour village, is on top of the list.

More about Lazour Lake

It is located in the North East of Tehran city and is in the Alborz mountains. Looking at the sea from a height of 3980 meters is amazing. Lazour lake is nicknamed Siahroud lake.

Lazour or Siahroud lake is on the border of Tehran and Mazandaran Province. The best route to get there is through Lazour village, which is full of freshness and peace. At a distance of 150 meters, you can get a public toilet, some nice cottages, and a spring. The best seasons to go there are spring and summer.

Lazour village

Siahroud lake

This nice village is the biggest one in Tehran Province. It is exactly located in Firouzkouh. To the north, Lazour village is bordered by Nashal and Varzaneh villages to the north. Since the past, it has been named “Darolmomenin.”

Lazour village is more than four hundred years old. Its historical shrines are world-famous, like Masoum and Khoshnam Shrine.

Among the many historical sites, Nimeh Tower, Ghaldoush Castle, and Sangi Bridge can be named. This is a good area for hiking and enjoying the peace and fresh air.

The number of campers and hikers who are attracted to Lazour village and Siahroud lake every year is on the rise, both national and international. So, don’t miss it.

The bottom line

Lazour or Siahroud lake brings you both fun and experience. They can be one of the most important reasons to visit Iran. Not only is it an affordable destination, but it also brings you memorable memories. So, if you have a chance to visit Iran, don’t miss such a great natural view. It’s worth it!

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