When you look at Iran climate, will see Iran is a four-season country which you can find all seasons in one time!

One of the best places that you can spend time in it, is the Iran desert area. The pure atmosphere and amazing endless full star sky in nights, are the reasons which can treat your soul.

When you start your Ancient Persia Trip from Kashan to Isfahan city, there are lots of ruins and in the middle of the desert, You always can find best site view in each corner. Huge attractive mountains which are in different shapes and special colors. Iran desert area is in the center of this country.

The best choice while your Persian desert trip is to stay in a traditional place which helps you to discover all the secrets of those deserts.

One of the best accommodations in the Iran desert area that you can choose for your Persian desert trip is Matin Abad Eco-camp. Read everything you need to know about it in Iran Travel Guide Center.

History and Direction of Matin Abad Eco-camp

As evidence said, life in this city goes back to more than 1200 years. Before that, there were not even sand there, Just the mountains. After years, sand made by the mineral of “Karkas” (کرکس) rock.

Also “Arisman” (اریسمان) area which discovers as oldest and largest area sites of prehistoric Iran is just 10 km away of Matin Abad Eco-camp.

Matin Abad Eco-camp located in the center of Iran, in Isfahan province, just 25km north of the city of Natanz and 60km southeast of Kashan. You can find easy ways to go there from Tehran and Kashan. It’s about 4 hours trip from Tehran city to Matin Abad Eco-camp driving by car, though it can be longer by bus.

Matin Abad Eco-camp is known as one of the best 18 spots in the world by the United Nations that notified of tourism activities.

Persian desert trip is one of the Eco-tourism trips which doesn’t mean just a journey to this region. It means to know and help this intact region which is still persisting. It educates and feels deeply the culture, animals, traditions, architecture and also people.

Matin Abad Accommodation Types

Matin Abad Eco-camp has 3 types spaces to stay:

1 – Rooms

In this camp, they offer you 3 different style of rooms which each of them has a special design. All rooms are comfortable and contain all the facilities that you need.

Caravanserai Room

These beautiful rooms are designed based on the traditional desert architecture of Iran. You will spend a night like old Caravanserai nights. All walls made by thatch which will give you a real feeling of the caravanserai. There are 16 rooms which have 2 or 3 beds in each and you can add an extra bed or beds in them for 4 people. All rooms have an air conditioner, bathroom, toilets, two beds, a refrigerator, and a TV set.

Shahneshin (King’s Room)

It comes from the king’s room name; so It should be in a better situation. This room located on the 3rd floor and has space for 6 persons. This room has an air conditioner, bathroom, toilet and the most interesting thing about it is that in this room you have “Korsi” (کرسی), a traditional heating system in Iran.

It’s a heater on the floor which covered by a special kind of blanket on it. This heater used by Iranian in old time and had lots of traditional backgrounds. All family sit around it and had tea or food on its table. You can also find an extra blanket and pillow for extra person in it.

Gooshvareh (Earring room)

In Iranian traditional architecture, the Gooshvareh room was a smaller room near Shahneshin room which most use for king guests and it was connected to the Shahneshin room. These rooms have 5 bed and space for 8 persons. This room is equipped with air-conditioners and heaters.

2- Koome (Hut Room)

Koome is actually the age-old Iranian desert houses with dome roofs. These roofs used to keep the place cool and helped for ventilation.

There are 13 of these small houses in Matin Abad Eco-camp that are equipped by air-conditioners and heaters.

They also have a privat bathroom and toilet for each house.

In these houses, you can feel the exact feeling of former in Iran desert area.

3 – Tents

There are lots of people who prefer to stay in a tent while their Persian desert trip. It’s clear that you will have a different experience in these tents because they are so cozy and have all the stuff you need as electricity, heater, and air-conditioners.

These tents design based on black tend Nomads which have an amazing feeling of spending nights in the desert under stars in quiet. These tents are totally water-proof and made by best quality.

In Matin Abad Eco-camp, there are 40 tents including 12 and 24-meters tents; Also, 8 of them are large tents (which in Persian called Kheymeh/خیمه) and suitable for more than 6 people.

In all tents you can find appropriate blankets and pillows, you shouldn’t worry about your stay in these tents at all if you didn’t have tent experience before. Because everything is prepared on your need to be comforting.

Matin Abad Eco-camp Activities

· Biking

It’s wonderful to ride a bike in the desert and feel the sands sense on a dirt track that Matin Abad Eco-camp made for guests to use.

· Organic Farms

There is an organic garden which all products are 100% pure without any chemical add-on. Because of the Iran desert area climate, you always can find lots of types of vegetables and special pomegranate of this area.

· Observing Stars

Stars view in the desert is amazing and in Matin Abad Eco-camp, you can watch them accurate. There are two large places for stellar observation; one of them is in the 3rd floor and also another one is on the yard.

· Camel Riding

Camel riding is something which everyone wants to try it in Persian desert trip. Don’t worry about finding a camel because there are 27 camels for Matin Abad Eco-camp guests.

Also, you will see the Camel Breeding Farm, Ostrich Farm, birds and Horse breeding farm there.

Organic Shop and Restaurant in Eco-camp of Matin Abad

There is an organic restaurant (and also a coffee-shop) in Matin Abad Eco-camp which serves organic foods for tourists.

While you are staying in Matin Abad Eco-camp, you can have all meals totally organic there, it would be great to have some organic breakfast after staying in one of the Matin Abad Eco-camp tents/Koome and have organic lunch or dinner between the desert activities in a Persian desert trip. Matin Abad people have their farms which provide all their needs.

You can also find lots of handicrafts which are special of that region in this organic shop. It’s amazing to visit this shop because it will give you a real feeling of Iran desert area and its culture.It’s amazing to know that people in Matin Abad get self-sufficiency to provide their needs.

They also have woodcraft made by local people there. They make different types of wooden handicrafts which are more special to the desert area. This is a shop which you can buy special kind of desert souvenirs like carpets, jams, handicrafts and etc.Matin Abad is beautiful to visit in day time and has incredible environment in night time.

Every night, they set fire in the yard and people and tourists come around it. They start to play music and dance; this is an awesome feeling which you can experience in Matin Abad night time.

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