Expectations about Iran

Expectations about Iran

Wrong Expectations about Iran are like this:

  • Iran is a huge desert that is hot all around the year
  • All Iranian women are clad in Burka and wearing Hijab
  • The mass of people are deeply religious Muslims
  • Iran is impossible for travelers to explore
  • Iranian traditions are primitive and infrastructures are ruined
  • Iran is a dirty, chaotic, not safe country

Please be with the Iran Tourism and Iran Travel Guide Center to search for expectations about Iran and the reality of Iran. So, be with us and we hope you enjoy this article as we did.

We’re sure if you haven’t seen Iran and just heard about Iran in the media and news, it seems kind of madness to travel to Iran because the news says that Iran is Not a Safe country and people in Iran are not cool people, but it is all fundamentally wrong!!!

We prove it to you by yourself, take a phone and call one of your friends that you heard has gone to Iran, call him or her and ask about his or her experience in Iran, and if you have the chance to visit Iran, please write your opinion about the expectations about Iran.

How Are the Real Iranian Lifestyle and Culture?

Iran’s lifestyle and culture return to more than 7000 years ago, where earthenware dishes were found at the Moshelan archeological site in Alborz province, and Sialk Hills in Kashan City.

Also, you may know that 24 World Heritage Sites in Iran have been inscribed and 22 of them are cultural, one of them is Yazd city, the special adobe city that is the second historical city after Venice in Italy.

Iranian lifestyle is based on family and family relations, there are intimate relations between families.

Based on tourist’s opinions Iranian people are incredibly, unbelievably hospitable. If you come to Iran and you meet people in Iran almost everyone will try to make a connection with you, they will ask you where are you from. Everything is OK? Do you need anything? Come and sit with us, come and eat and drink with us.

You will hear this kind of question everywhere because the people of Iran like tourists and they know that the media all over the world are showing the bad side of Iranians, but you as a tourist will be surprised by Iran’s lifestyle and culture.

What about Real Iranian Traditions?

Iranian traditions are numerous but the most famous and most important of them is Nowruz or New Year which is the oldest ceremony in the world, you can find in Persepolis inscriptions the symbols of Nowruz.

Another Iranian tradition is called Shab-e Yalda, the longest night of the year is the last day of autumn, and the first day of winter On this night people manifest by eating pomegranates and watermelons, and reading Ferdowsi’s poems is common. Chahar-Shanbe-Suri is another great festival that dates back thousands of years, on the last Wednesday night of the year, people in each neighborhood of the city make fires and jump over the fire, this festival has the symbols of the Zoroastrian culture and it is one of the respected ceremonies of the Iranian traditions.

Real Problems in Iran

Problems in Iran begin with economic problems, the Iranian population is the youngest average in the whole world and most of this young population is educated at universities but because of the corruption of the government and weakness in managing the wealth of the country, most of the youth genre of the country have no job and career and because of this fundamental problem, the high percentage of young people are the cause of other problems like depression, addiction, and bully. Another problem is the huge distance between the wealthy and poor genre that sanctions even made this gap, bigger than ever.

Iran economy

Iran’s economy must be the first country in the Middle East, why? Because Iran’s economy is beyond a million tons of oil and gas, producing more than 90 % of saffron in the world. Also, Iran is one of the big producers and exporters of caviar in the world, Persian caviar is well known as Persian saffron on the planet Earth.

Iran is a four-season country with great potential in tourism, there are Hirkani jungles which are the oldest in the world, and mountains full of snow that are perfect for skiing.

The hottest place in the world is in Iran, in Shahdad Kerman province. Iran has access to the ocean from the Persian Gulf. Iran is the center of the Silk Road which connects China and India to Europe and also connects Russia to the oceans. Unfortunately, Iran’s economy has almost collapsed because of sanctions. Iranian Rial is the weakest currency in the world and Iran is the cheapest country to travel to.

Now, The Reality of Iran!

The reality of Iran is concealed in the history of great Persia, the reality of Iran is the country of surprises. People of this country have seen brutal Mongol attacks and hundreds of attacks like that and have passed them. The reality of Iran will show itself again under brutal sanctions, under the fire of corruption, like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

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