Iran Ski and Favorites Trip Plan

Iran Ski Trip Plan 

Iranian ski resorts consisting of three main resorts in Tehran City and also one resort in Shiraz city undoubtedly there are main destinations for Iran tourism during winter and chiefly ski enthusiasts and also here we gathered highlight information about highlight Iranian ski area. Additionally, visiting three historical cities are a part of your travel according this plan.

Iran might not be the first country that comes to mind for skiing, but its mountainous terrain boasts some of the best ski resorts in the Middle East. Dizin, Shemshak, and Tochal, nestled in the towering Alborz mountains just north of Tehran, are the most renowned, offering a mix of runs for beginners and challenging slopes for seasoned skiers. The high altitude and dry climate ensure good snow conditions from December to May, much longer than many European resorts. These resorts are not only renowned for their snowy slopes but also for their vibrant après-ski scenes that reflect the warm hospitality Iran is known for, making them a unique destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Iran Ski Trip Plan 

Day 1 - Tehran
  • At first start your plan by visiting Tehran and using public transportation like metro and BRT (Bus Rapid Transition) lines is the best to access different area of city.

    Most of historical places are in downtown near Imam Khomeini and Panzdah-e khordad metro stations.

    Central of Tehran places to visit:

    and other places to visit in Tehran such as:

    Moreover, stay on hostels or hotels at night in downtown because they have reasonable prices rather than other area.

Day 2 - Dizin

The first Iranian ski area in your plan for skiing in Iran would be Dizin Ski Resort. It is better to go to Dizin as international Iranian ski resort and experience skiing in Iran at early morning on your second day in this zone.

Accessibility to this Iranian ski resort:

Option 1: using Karaj metro station on line 5 (green line) head to north by Chalus road, after about 70 km you have to exit from Chalus road to Velayat rud (ve-laa-yat rood) village, Gajereh (gaa-je-re) and Dizin Ski resort.

Option 2: Get on metro line 3 (light blue); other metro lines 1 (red line) and line 4(yellow line) has also cross with line 3 in Shahid Beheshti Station and Teatr-E Shahr station, then get off on Ghaem metro station and take taxi or Snapp to Dizin ski resort (1 hour and 58 min from Ghaem metro station by taxi) (road: Qaem Blvd- Artesh Hwy- Fasham)

Better to know that option 2 is closer to Tehran than option 1 but most of the time it has been closed due to heavy snow and Shemshak (shem-shak) to Dizin route will block, also option 1 has traffic congestion during Iranian weekend (Thursday and Friday).

Likewise, public transportation is available from Tehran to Shemshak, such as minibuses or buses with Fasham destination for Iranian ski season, the benefit is more affordable than taxi, you have to use east terminal

Note: Although Snapp or Tap30 is cheaper than taxi to visit metropolises in Iran, but it may doesn’t work because these Iranian ski area are out of Tehran.

Day 3 - Dizin

Besides you can book a room in Dizin hotel and stay second night there, then keep going your way to Dizin ski area.

Dizin hotel Tel: 0098-26-35 21 2978 - 0098-26 35 21 2979

Gajereh hotel Tel: 0098-935-3836810, Room price: 2,100,000 RLS / double bed

Dizin ski resort Tel: 0098-263-5215041-5

Entrance fee for skiing from Saturday to Tuesday: 990,000 RLS

Entrance fee for skiing from Wednesday to Friday: 1,190,000 RLS

Entrance fee as visitor from Saturday to Tuesday: 380,000 RLS

Entrance fee as visitor from Wednesday to Friday: 490,000 RLS

Ski Equipment rental in Iran is available to hire on this ski resorts.

Additionally, staying one more night on Dizin will be suggested for ski and snowboarding enthusiasts.

There are several of ski touring for skiing in Iran choices from easy to challenging that will surely amaze you.

For instance, for skiing in Iran especially in Dizin included two days or three days’ Iranian ski tours.

booking online for skiing in Iran in mentioned Iranian ski area is possible through bellow websites:

The price is start from 100 EUR up to 300 EUR and it depends on the number of days you want to stay and number of group.

Meanwhile, there are two resorts specially for snowboarding which have named as Park and “U“ resorts.

Therefore, three restaurants are located in different area on ski resort.

Day 4 - Darbandsar
  • The second Iranian ski resorts in your plan for skiing in Iran would be Darbandsar Ski Resort.

    The first step is taking a taxi head to the mentioned Iranian ski area, where is for skiing in Iran, at early morning (fourth day) and you will arrive there about 1 hour and 10 minutes later if road will open.

    There is about 42 kilometers away from the Ghaem metro station (line 3) to Darbandsar as one of the Iranian ski area.

    This resort is the only one which has a Snowmaker too in Iranian ski resorts.

    Darbandsar ski resort Tel: +98 21 26 525 174

    Shemshak hotel is nearest place for accommodation to Darbandsar ski resort. It's about 10 minutes by car, Room price is 3,000,000 up to 5,000,000 RLS for double bed. You can stay at night there.

    Telecabin transfer price (all days): 1,380,000 RLS.

Day 5 - Darbandsar
  • Today stay one more day in Darbandsar as Iranian ski resort to use winter sports and its other amenities rather than just skiing in Iran.

    It is better to come back to Tehran and stay your night on Tehran hotel near Velenjak but using couchsurfing or hire an apartment in this area is possible too

Day 6 - Tochal

The third Iranian ski resorts in your plan for skiing in Iran would be Tochal Ski Resort. You can continue your way to Tochal area on your sixth morning.

No skiing in Iran enthusiast should miss this Iranian ski resort.

Tochal Complex include of various activities and distinctive amenities which located on North of Tehran as one of the Iranian ski resorts which use for skiing in Iran or snowboarding.

It has a person chairlift line and one S rope-way lifts. This Iranian ski area is about 1200 meters.

Accessibility: Go North of Tehran in Velenjak area by Snapp or Tehran metro (get off Sadr metro station on line 1, red line and take a Snapp to Velenjak)

After that, on Velenjak complex is mini electrical buses which will go up to near telecabin station, then you have to buy ticket 450,000 RLS/each person for lifters up to 7th station.

Tochal complex Phone: +98 21 24 87 50 00

There is a warm hospitality and cozy accommodation on Tochal hotel which is located at an altitude 3,545 meters in Tochal as Iranian ski area. Of course, it is highest hotel on ski resorts in the world.

Tochal hotel Tel: +98 21 22418000, you can stay night in this hotel.

Tochal hotel price: 2,910,000 RLS/one double bed room.

Working time: 7:00 AM on weekend (Thursday and Friday), 8:00 AM other days.

Iranian ski equipment is available to hire on this ski resorts.

Day 7 - Tochal

It is guaranteed to have enough variety for all winter sports fans from beginners to professionals rather than skiing in Iran.

So, experience one more day for skiing in Iran in Tochal is worth it.

It could be consider backing to the Tehran at night or stay on Tochal hotel near to Iranian ski area.

You can go directly from Tochal as Iranian ski area to terminal bus in the south of Tehran by metro from Sadr metro station line 1 (red line) to Kahrizak Station but get off Payane Jonoob (South Terminal) metro station (line 1- red line).

Then take a ticket for Isfahan City, ticket price is about 400,000 RLS.

Day 8 - Esfahan

You will reach in early morning to Isfahan and you can use ride-hailing apps in this city to visit various places.

Snapp is applicable too in this city to go anywhere from 50,000 to 350,000 RLS.

In fact, walking on chaharbagh Paeen (chaahaar-baagh paain) Street gives you an opportunity to visit most of places in Isfahan.

Usually Start walking from Siosepol (ci-yo-se-pol) Bridge near Enghelab (en-ghelaab) Square and go straight on chaharbagh Paeen Street to the north then you will reach to Hasht Behesht palace in 13 minutes and if you go to the east on Sepah Street you will find Chehel sooton palace.

Then you have continued your way to the east to reach Naqsh-e jahan square.

Aliqapoo Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Imam Khomeini Mosque (Shah Mosque) and Grand Bazaar of Isfahan are located on Naqsh-e jahan Square.

Khaju Bridge is far from Naqsh-e jahan Square too and you have to take a taxi. (15 minutes by car)

Vank Cathedral and Jolfa Armenian Quarter are located other side of Zayande Rud river and you have to take a Snapp to visit there from Naqsh-e jahan Square (30 minutes by car).

Day 9 - Esfahan

Next day on Isfahan you can go to Ferydoon shahr as one of the Iranian ski resort in your plan for skiing in Iran.

This Iranian ski area is about 2.5 hours from downtown.

Working hours: Sunday and Wednesday from 14:00 PM to 16:30 PM, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM

Tel: 0098-913-3719176

Lifts ticket price: 100,000 to 150,000 RLS/ per person

You can go to the Shiraz at night by bus from Kaveh terminal (Ticket price is 250,000 RLS).

Day 10 - Shiraz

There are two different main locations to visit in Shiraz, some main historical sites are out of city such as:

And other sites are located inside of city.

Also, you can visit outside city places at your first day.

There are two options to go Persepolis area which is located near Marvdasht city; the first option is going by minibus or bus from Kar-andish terminal or taking a taxi from Quran gate to Persepolis (It’s about 50 minutes to Persepolis).

Generally, foreign tourists share one taxi price together and it will reduce each person travel cost.

So, Iran travel guide center suggest that take a taxi because there are some other places such as Naqsh-e rustam (11 minutes by car from Persepolis) and Pasargadae (50 minutes by car from Naqsh-e Rustam).

Tomb of Great Cyrus is located on Pasargadae.

Day 11 - Shiraz

Start point is from Karim Khan Citadel by walking to Vakil bazaar (distance is about 650 meters and 10 minutes) after that go to the Naranjestan Qavam by walking about 1.5 Km in 20 minutes.

Then keep your way to Nasirolmolk mosque in 5 minutes by walking and next near destination will be Atigh Jameh mosque and Shah-e cheragh Holy Shrine and you will reach there 20 min later by walking.

Other destinations are far from this area and you have to use Snapp or taxi, first you can go Tomb of Hafiz by Snapp with about 50,000 RLS from Shah-e cheragh Holy Shrine then from Tomb of Hafiz to Eram garden by Snapp with 40,000 RLS.

Tomb of Saadi located on 3 Km to east of Tomb of Hafiz and using Snapp suggested by Irantourism (7 minutes - snapp fee 50,000 RLS) and from Tomb of Saadi take a Snapp again and go to the Eram garden with 45,000 RLS in 15 minutes.

Also, Shiraz metro stations are in service and you can use metro to access your destinations especially on traffic jam times.

Active stations in Shiraz are connected 16 points in city among southeast to northwest area.

It has several stations near touristic places and also one-way ticket price is 5,000 RLS for each person.

Furthermore, there is connection between city and Shiraz International Airport through Shahid Dastgheyb station.

Day 12 - Pooladlkaf

The fifth Iranian ski resorts in your plan for skiing in Iran would be Pooladkaf (pulaad-kaf) Ski Resort.

It is located in the south of Iran and has opened in 2002 as international Iranian ski area. The ski season starts in December until March.

It is located in the northwest of Fars province in the middle of Zagros Mountains. It has 88 km distance from Shiraz.

Shiraz international airport and buses from Isfahan to Shiraz through Yasuj city are your access keys to south Iranian ski area.

Ski with transfer price: 660,000 RLS / per person for Friday and other days is 40,000 RLS/ per person.

Hotel pooladkaf phone: 071-36258025 / 09176015053 / 09174111197

Hotel pooladkaf room price: 3,050,000 RLS / double bed.

Pooladkaf complex Phone: +98 71 36 35 32 44

Iranian ski equipment is available to hire on this ski resorts.

Day 13 - Pooladlkaf

Pooladkaf ski resort has capability to stay one more day in this Iranian ski area rather than just skiing in Iran. There are more activities for you as a tourist such as zip-line, cycling, horse riding, ATV motorcycling, carting and... Etc.

But all of them is not available on winter and you can just use snow mobile which is kind of motorcycle for riding on snow the price is 530,000 RLS/ per person.

There is a Minibob activity for beginners who want to snow tubing on snow and the price is 180,000 RLS/ Per Person for two hours.

This Iranian ski resort has fast food restaurant, cafe and Iranian restaurant too.

If you have more time and would like to visit other places in Shiraz I would recommend you to visit bellow places:

  • Naren-jestan garden
  • Zinat-ol malek house
  • Vakil mosque
  • Khan school
  • Pars museum
  • Haft Tanan museum
  • Afifabad garden
  • Meshkin-faam museum

After all, backing to Tehran by airplane through international Shiraz airport would be best and easiest way. However, it is possible to back by bus through Kar-an-dish Terminal in Shiraz to Tehran too.

Day 14 - Tehran

There are other places to visit in north of Tehran as follows:

  • Saad Abad Palace (near Tajrish metro station), Tel: +98 (0)21 22752031-9, working hours: every day from 9:00 AM to 16:00 PM. You can reach this palace by walking about 20 minutes.

Garden Museum 150000, Mellat Palace Museum 150,000 RLS, green Palace Museum 150,000 RLS, military Museum 80,000 RLS, Master MirEmad Calligraphy Museum 80,000 RLS , Fine Arts Museum 80,000 RLS, Royal Albums and Historical Documents Museum 80,000 , Royal Clothing Museum 80,000 RLS, Royal Kitchen Museum 80,000 RLS , Royal Car Museum 80,000 RLS , Nation's Art Museum 80,000 RLS, Master Behzad Museum 80,000 RLS , Omidvar Brothers Museum 80,000 RLS ,water museum 80,000 RLS , Master FarshChian Miniature Museum 80,000 RLS , Royal Dishes Museum 80,000 RLS , Royal Weapons Museum 80,000 RLS .

  • Niyavaran Complex (near Tajrish metro station), tel: 0098-21-22282012 to 15, entrance fee is: 150,000 RLS.

It is located near Niavaran square and there is only 10 min by taxi out of peak time from Tajrish square.

  • Milad Tower (it's better to use Snapp application), it is located west of Tehran. Entrance fee is: 350,000 RLS. You can go online and buy it too.
  • Darband (near Tajrish metro station), it is hiking area of Tehran located on north of Tajrish Square.

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